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TALLHEDA Questionnaires

Updated: Jun 26

Calling All Stakeholders in Agriculture and Food Development!

The TALLHEDA project is excited to launch three critical questionnaires aimed at enhancing the future of agriculture and food distribution. Your insights are invaluable in driving innovation and sustainability in our industry. We invite you to participate in the questionnaire that best aligns with your expertise:​

Higher Education Faculty members: Express your point of view. 📝 Participate here:

Students: Provide insights on digital agriculture education. 📝 Participate here:

Farmers & Related Associations: Share your experiences and challenges to help us shape better support systems and policies. 📝 Participate here:

Food Developing Companies and Distributors: Contribute your perspective on market trends, distribution hurdles, and innovation needs. 📝 Participate here:

Agritech & IT Companies: Provide insights on technology integration, data management, and the future of agri-innovation. 📝 Participate here:

Your feedback is crucial in driving the TALLHEDA project forward.


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